Agustín Yáñez

He was a writer who created the Banderas de Provincias magazine when he graduated from Law School in 1929. The main goal of the publication was to give a voice to the people.

Yáñez was also the president of La Época newspaper, professor at the Escuela Normal para señoritas (Teacher's Training University for women) and taught Spanish and Literature at the National High School.

He worked in administrative positions as head of the Library Department and Economic Archives of the Treasury and Public Credit Office. He was also a consultant during Adolfo López Mateo's administration, as well as Jalisco's governor in 1953.

He offered people social securities in regard to food, health, social care, education, and security. He supported agriculture and the creation of educational and cultural institutions. He also promoted the construction of highways, homes and the extension of the electricity network.

In 1977, he was the secretary of Public Education. Besides his career in politics, he was a renowned writer. His most outstanding books are: Flor de Juegos Antiguos, Al Filo del Agua (The Edge of the Storm), Las Tierras Flacas (The Lean Lands), Historia General de la Caricatura en Jalisco e Historia de las Artes Plásticas en la Revolución Mexicana.

Some of his work can be found at the Octavio Paz Ibero-American library, located nearby in Plaza Universidad.

Another historical archive housing some of Yañez's work, is owned by the University of Guadalajara, located in Casa José Guadalupe Zuno, at the traditional Colonia Americana.

Agustín Yáñez died in 1980, and his remains rest at the Rotonda de las Personas Ilustres (Honorable People's Roundabout) at the Dolores Civil Cemetery in Mexico City.

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