Enrique Díaz de León

He was president of the University of Guadalajara in different time periods; the university changed their motto to "Think and Work” during his time as president. During his second period as president, in 1927, the University's General Regulations were approved. Including changes to curriculum which involved modifications to the University's Organic Law.

Díaz de León was also a poet, a speaker, and a liberal theorist. In 1931 he became President of the University for the third time.

During the First Congress of Mexican University Students, it was ruled that the university's education should be socialist, which resulted in a students' strike in Guadalajara. This led Enrique Díaz, along with Jalisco's government, to close the university in 1933.

To find out more about his legacy, you can visit the following nearby spots:

• Jalisco's Public Library, Jalisco's high school, and the Polytechnic School, where he was principal.

• The President's Office at the University of Guadalajara, which happens to be named after him and has his statue.

• Enrique Díaz de León Avenue, which goes through many touristic attractions like the amazing Expiatorio Temple with its neo-gothic architecture, the University of Guadalajara’s art museum, as well as the Panteón de Mezquitán, the second oldest cemetery in the city.

We hope you keep enjoying our historic center and learn more about the legacy of the Honorable Citizens of Jalisco.