Francisco Rojas González

At the beginning of the 20th century, Francisco Rojas González was part of several Mexican scientific societies. He was also a researcher at UNAM and held many diplomatic positions.

He was co-author of many ethnographic studies and collaborated in publishing houses like Crisol magazine, Cuadernos Americanos, El Universal Ilustrado, México en el Arte, and Tiras de Colores.

However, he is especially renowned for his work as a writer. In his pieces, he reflected Hispanic-American indigenous life, combining his literary talent and simplicity with his experience and knowledge about the different ethnic groups of our country.

Among his work, you can find short stories like "Historia de un frac", "El Pajareador" and "El Diosero”. He also wrote novels that were made into movies like "La Negra Angustias", which made him win the National Literature's Award, and "Lola Casanova".

He died in 1951 in Guadalajara. Nowadays, some of the pieces of his work are found at the Octavio Paz Ibero-American Library at Plaza Universidad, which is nearby.

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