Francisco Silva Romero

As a 17-year-old, he was already the leader of Jalisco's Workers Confederation. Despite how little support there was for the workers, he promoted equality for working women and stood up for their rights of everyone to work under fair conditions.

In 1952, Silva Romero founded the Workers and Farmers Revolutionary Federation and ran several unions such as: Jalisco's Butcheries and Packing Facilities Union, Drivers Union, and Guadalajara's Public Sanitation and Cleaning Union.

As a part of his work, he supported workers and the families to sign up for Health care to the emerging Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS). It was his initiative to make Sunday, the seventh day of the week,a day off with full-pay.

He always looked after the welfare of workers. He gave out Christmas bonuses, vacations, profit-sharing schemes, vacation bonuses, benefits for senior workers and compensations to be paid, and made sure that all companies had to have a legal document to comply with these measures.

Besides protecting the workers, he wished that no family would ever have to worry about education for their children, so he promoted the construction of public schools and services such as purified-water facilities and health-care centers around Jalisco.

Francisco Silva Romero died in 1981. Today, the street that bears his name connects with the traditional neighborhoods of Las Conchas and Analco, one of the oldest parts of the city where you can visit the majestic San Sebastián de Analco Temple or the Army and Air Force Museum.

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