Heliodoro Hernández Loza

He spent his childhood in the town of La Barca, working in the country side. He discovered his skills in car mechanics; and in 1915, he started working in military repair shops in Guadalajara.

At the beginning of the 20's, he decided to move to the United States, where he worked as repair man on railroads. When he came back to la Ciénega de Chapala, he offered classes on how to operate the first tractors available in the area.

Being a hard worker, his career led him to live in Guadalajara. In 1923, he became the representative of the Drivers and Mechanics' Union. He founded the Motorists' Labor Union in 1930, and the Jalisco's State Transport Workers' Federation in 1932.

To contribute to the workers' academic improvement, Heliodoro started a night school where 400 workers graduated elementary school. Thanks to his work, the current Edificio del Trabajo (Work Building) was built; you can visit it a few blocks from here, really near to the Creative Digital City, another modern project in innovation for the mexican creative industry.

Heliodoro Hernández represented Jalisco twice at the House of Representatives. In 1948, he was the Mayor of Guadalajara; he was always working to advance the goals of the working class and seeking better opportunities for workers.

In 1989, he received the "Ramón Corona" award for his merits as a social activist for over 50 years.

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