Irene Robledo

She entered the Normal School in Guadalajara. When she was 24-years-old, she was named principal of Elementary School number 14.

Irene Robledo García broke gender stereotypes at the beginning of 20th century. She studied to be a teacher, a nurse, a homeopath doctor, a dentist surgeon and a social worker.

She was also principal at the high school and the normal school for women. She promoted sports in these institutions by organizing mini-Olympic events with students.

She also studied mathematics and taught at the Universidad Obrera de Jalisco (Jalisco's University for Workers). She created a night elementary and middle school for workers as well as a childcare center for the children of working mothers.

Irene Robledo actively participated in the reopening of the University of Guadalajara in 1925. She emphasized comprehensive education and women's participation in races which were exclusive for men.

In 1948, she founded the first school for social workers in Guadalajara but was forced to close it as they could not grant degrees with official validity. However, in 1953, she convinced the authorities of the University of Guadalajara to open the Social Work School with the support of the University´s President, Jorge Matute Remus. In 1970, it became a bachelor's degree at the Centro Universitario de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades (School of Social Sciences and Humanities), a building you can visit nearby, where you can also find many attractions like the Michín aquarium and Alcalde park.

She retired from teaching after having worked in education for 64 years, and she died in Guadalajara in 1988. Her remains were kept at the Mezquitán cemetery until they were transferred to the Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres (Honorable Citizens of Jalisco's roundabout) in 2000.

Irene Robledo was named by the State Congress as a “hero”, she was the first woman to be placed in this monument.

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