Jorge Matute Remus

He studied at the Civil Engineering Faculty of the University of Guadalajara. In 1955, he obtained his degree with his thesis titled: "Bridges over Coy river".

When he was a student, he was a stand out basketball-player. However, he had to work to afford school. He was a math and drawing professor at the International School and taught physics at the Polytechnic School.

From 1949 to 1953, he was the President of the University of Guadalajara. He also became Guadalajara's mayor in 1953.

In 1950, he was well-known for having moved the Mexican Telephone Company building which was blocking the expansion of Juárez Avenue. This event was truly outstanding as the building was relocated 12-meters away in 5 days without interrupting the telephone service.

You can see his real-size statue outside the Mexican Telephone Company's building which you can visit nearby.

Some of the infrastructure projects where he participated are the 14-level reinforcement of the Juan I. Menchaca Civilian Hospital, Alcalde Park, as well as the re-design of the subway.

In the field of urban planning, he was renowned for being the director of different public departments such as the State's Planning Commission, the Drinking Water and Sewage Intermunicipal System (SIAPA), and the Technical Committee for the Rationalization of Urban Transportation in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.

Jorge Matute Remus died in Guadalajara in 2002 and received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa Postmortem by the University's General Council. His body was buried at Colonias Parque Funeral. In 2014, Jalisco's House of Representatives declared for his remains to be transferred here: to the Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres (Honorable Citizens of Jalisco's roundabout).

Keep enjoying our historic center and learning about the legacy of the Honorable Citizens of Jalisco.