Luis Pérez Verdia

He was renowned in the field of teaching and education. He was a professor at the Liceo de Varones del Estado (Jalisco's Boys High School) and was also the president of the Congress of the Union. He reformed the regulations for elementary schools and added exams supervision, school inspectors and the introduction to new teaching methods.

He promoted normal-schools education which resulted in the creation of the Escuela Práctica Anexa a la Normal de Señoritas (Practical school annexed to the Normal School for women) and the Escuela Normal de Profesores (Normal School for Teachers). You can visit both institutions nearby at the Normal’s roundabout.

Among other positions, he taught at the Law School, he was the head of the Consejo General de Educación Pública de Jalisco (Jalisco's Public Education General Council) and was the head of the Foreign Affairs Office during Victoriano Huerta's presidency.

He was appointed as minister of the Republic of Guatemala, where he died in 1914.

In the heart of Guadalajara, next to Templo de San Agustín, we can find the building which used to be Jalisco's family court, at Morelos street #161, very close to Plaza de la Liberación and Teatro Degollado.

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