Pedro Moreno

He studied at the Seminar of Guadalajara. After he completed his studies he worked in agriculture and merchandising.

In 1812, having two children and married to Rita Pérez, Moreno joined the rebel forces in the battle for Mexico's Independence.

He became one of the most feared enemies of New Spain's viceroyalty. Pedro Moreno set up a fortress in Fuerte del Sombrero, near Leon, Guanajuato.

Javier Mina arrived to this base and Moreno joined him in raids and battles against the Spaniards in the lowlands.

In August 1817, Spanish Marshall Pascual Liñan, started a battle at Fuerte del Sombrero (one of the biggest war battles) where the rebels were defeated.

Mina and Moreno managed to escape and hid at El Venadito ranch, but they were caught by the royalist commander Orrantia.

During this attack in October 1817, Pedro Moreno died fighting for his homeland.

In 1829, there was a decree to change the name of the town Santa María de los Lagos to Lagos de Moreno, in honor of the distinguished hero.

Also, one of the main streets in Guadalajara is named after Pedro Moreno. You can visit it nearby; the street leads you through the following tourist attractions:

● Parque Revolución, also called parque rojo ( the Red park).

● Plaza de Armas (Guadalajara's main City square).

● and the Palacio de Gobierno (government building).

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