Valentín Gómez Farías

In 1822, he was elected as representative in Mexican Congress.

He was one of the legislators in favor of choosing Agustín de Iturbide as emperor.

From 1825 to 1830, he became Jalisco's senator when the new republic system started. Afterwards, he was Treasury Secretary during Manuel Gómez Pedraza's admnistration in 1833.

In March of that year, Santa Anna and Gómez Farías were elected President and Vice-president, respectively.

Since Santa Anna was not always available, he acted as President several times between 1833 and 1834.

During this time, the first Liberal Reform started, which consisted in a series of laws seeking to separate Church and State.

As a response to these reforms, the clergy and conservatives demanded his impeachment and exile twice.

Gómez Farías took power for the last time in 1845, during the war in Texas.

In 1855, he was appointed president of Plan de Ayutla's Representatives, setting an end to Santa Anna's administration.

In 1857, his efforts paid off when he issued the new Federal Constitution as a leader in Congress.

He died on July 5, 1858 in Mexico City. He is remembered for all his great contributions to Mexican society.

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