Ventanas arqueológicas

In this site you can still see the remains of what was once a place of prayer,  philosophic studies and the religious arts: the Convent of San Francisco, founded by Fray Antonio de Segovia was built more than 300 years ago between the 16th and 17th century.

Through these windows you can see the foundations of a 17th century mansion, as well as the remains of the chapel of San Antonio and San Roque, part of the old convent of San Francisco. We now know these colonial buildings as The two temples, they were part of the old street of San Francisco, which then grew into Avenida 16 de Septiembre and is now called Paseo Alcalde.

The ex-convent of San Francisco had 7 chapels: The “Del Santo Cenáculo”,  “San Antonio de Padua”, “Tercera Orden” or  “San Roque”, “Santo Sepulcro”, “Noviciado” and “Nuestra Señora de Aránzazu”.

This architectural complex remained in place from the middle of the 18th to the middle of the 19th century; until 1934, when the Secretariat of National Assets divided the property and gave them to various people, dismantling and almost destroying it completely.

The current temple of San Francisco de Asís replaced the Franciscan Convent. Its baroque-style façade is divided into three sections with columns on each side. The statues of San Buena Ventura and San Antonio and above them Santo Domingo and San Francisco.

The temple of Nuestra Señora de Aranzazú was built between 1749 and 1752 as part of the great complex and it is the only 18th century temple in Guadalajara that still retains its beautiful Ultra Baroque altarpieces made of carved wood.

Come and enjoy this and other iconic sites of our city.